Little Caesars Is Unveiling A Pizza Wrapped With Three And A Half Feet Of Bacon

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Today in culinary abominations, we bring you Little Caesars 'Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza.'

Pizza And Sex

You Know You Want This ‘Friends’ Inspired Condom That Comes In A Tiny Pizza Box

By | 3 Comments

A Russian designer has created the world's most perfect condom package and it involves pizza boxes and the show 'Friends'.


Pizza Is Being Fingered As The New Culprit In Making America’s Kids Fat

By | 24 Comments

A new study has determined that kids are eating too much pizza, and the kinds of pizza they're eating are really bad for them.


A Rival Car Dealership Has Already Capitalized On The Pizza Delivery Man Shaming Video

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Yet another reminder why you should treat pizza delivery men with kindness and respect.

#Viral Videos

This Car Dealership Is Under Fire After Harassing A Pizza Delivery Man Out Of His Tip On Video

By | 47 Comments

Shocking footage shows car dealership employees harassing and belittling a pizza delivery man out of a $7 tip.

Macaulay Culkin

Check Out The Debut Music Video For Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground

By | 6 Comments

Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band has a mouth-watering new music video.

pizza hut

Pizza Hut Has Determined The Next Step In Pizza Evolution… Doritos Crunchy Crust

By | 16 Comments

In his recent commercials, Papa John Schnatter tells Peyton Manning, “I can’t believe it took me 30 years to put Fritos on a pizza.


A Loving GIF Tribute To The Time Meng And Goldberg Stopped Fighting And Got Pizza

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Today's best GIF features WCW stars Meng and Goldberg fighting with steel chairs and being brought to peace by low-quality food.

papa johns

Papa John’s And PepsiCo Teamed Up To Bring Us The Fritos Chili Pizza

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Introducing the latest Papa John's creation, the Fritos Chili Pizza, or that idea your stoned friend had eight years ago.


The Future Of Pizza Ordering Is Here Thanks To The Xbox One

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The future is now thanks to Xbox One's nifty voice command pizza ordering functionality, but is it convenient enough?


Get Out Of The Way Billy Fourth-Grader, Pizza Hut’s Book-It For Adults Is Here

By | 12 Comments

Register and get yourself a free pizza, just like when you were in the 4th grade.


Proof That The Worst Pizza Topping Really Is Some Guy’s Balls

By | 13 Comments

A Texas teenager has been arrested for rubbing his balls on a customer's pizza without their consent.

#Ray Rice

A Baltimore Pizzeria Is Offering Free Pies In Exchange For Ray Rice ‘Toilet Paper’

By | 2 Comments

Hersh's Pizza in Baltimore is offering free pizzas in exchange for Ray Rice jerseys, while making donations to a domestic violence charity.


Scientists In New Zealand Have Finally Determined Which Cheese Is Best For Pizzas

By | 5 Comments

A new study by researchers in New Zealand helps explain why mozzarella is simply the best when it comes to making pizza.


This Nice Lady Sacrificed Life And Limb To Save A Pizza, Thus She Is A Pizza Hero

By | 9 Comments

Pop-quiz hotshot: There's a food fight and there's two pizzas about to get soaked. What do you do? What do you do?

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