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Here’s What Happened When ‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Tried To Prank Dave Grohl

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Probst accidentally told an old friend's mother to, well, he doesn't tell Fallon but it's probably NSFW.


This Guy Singing Smash Mouth Lyrics To ‘Imagine’ At Karaoke Deserves A Grammy

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And the Grammy for most clutch karaoke performance goes to...


The Dildo In Your Friend’s Bag At Airport Security Prank Never Gets Old

By | 7 Comments

This guy's friend planted a dildo in his bag before they took off for his bachelor party, hilarity ensues.


Here’s How To Prank Your Friend With Nothing But A Lamp Post And Their Own Legs


Guy gets stuck on pole to the amusement of his loving friends.


Watch This Guy Repeatedly Scare His Mother With A Life-Sized German Shepherd Stuffed Toy

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This poor unsuspecting mother gets the crap scared out of her five times in three minutes by a life-sized stuffed dog.


7 ‘Workaholics’ Pranks You Can Pull Off At Your Office

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The guys of TelAmeriCorp know a thing or two about pulling off a well-executed office prank.

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These Students Used Permanent Marker To Play A Devious Trick On Their Teacher

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Classroom pranks are sometimes best when they are kept simple. This dry erase prank is a prime example.


Watch This Firefighter’s Buddies Scare Him With A Year’s Worth Of Pranks

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We feel a little bit bad for this firefighter whose lifespan was probably shortened in the making of this video.


This Girl Tricked Her Brother Into Posing For Selfies Set To Video For An Entire Year

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This girl's brother falls for the same joke again, and again, and again ... And it's never not funny.

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‘Ant-Man’ Has A Teaser For Its Trailer That’s Actually Worth Watching

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'Ant-Man' mocks the 'trailer for a trailer' fad in the most apt way possible.


Watch This Grandma’s Family Trick Her Into Opening A Chocolate iPhone On Christmas


This family plays a MEAN, MEAN prank on their grandma on Christmas morning!


A New Jersey Highway Sign Was Hit By ‘Christmas Vacation’-Loving Pranksters


A New Jersey prankster changed a turnpike sign to read "Clark Griswold" instead of Clark and Westfield.


Watch Scary The Snowman Spread Some Holiday Cheer By Scaring The Bejesus Out Of Boston Locals

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Freaky the Scary Snowman is Frosty's evil twin and his job is anything but cheerful. Happy Holidays from Frosty's evil twin!

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It’s Safe To Say John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Just Won Their Prank War With Jimmy Kimmel


A prank war between Jimmy Kimmel, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt has been quietly escalating over the past few years.


Hilarity Ensued When Burger King Accidentally Listed This Prankster’s Phone Number On Their Website

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Burger King accidentally listed some random guy's phone number on their website, so he made the best out of the situation.

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A Horny Man Texted The Wrong Number Asking For Nudes, So The Recipient Made Him Draw Adorable Animals

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Instead of correcting the horny bastard, the writer trolled him for drawings of animals. The results are actually pretty good.


Thanksgiving Was Ruined For This Woman Thanks To The Pregnant Turkey Prank

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Thanksgiving may have come and gone for another year, but this prank is timeless.

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Watch A Pair Of Identical Twins Prank A Bunch Of Men By Asking Them For Threesomes

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What would you do if approached by identical twins requesting your presence for a threesome at their place?


Jennifer Aniston Was The ‘Worst Interviewee Ever’ In A Very Awkward Prank

By | 3 Comments

Jennifer Aniston was a "horrible" participant in a very awkward prank.

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Watch This Model Walk Around NYC With Painted-On Jeans

By | 25 Comments

Guess what happens when a woman walks around NYC with no pants?

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