2014 Emmy Awards

Let’s Take A Moment To Honor The Shows We Know The Emmys Won’t Ever Celebrate

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There won't be many surprises when the Emmy nominations are announced, but we could shake things up by giving out some special honors.

2013-2014 TV SEASON

Every 2013-2014 Primetime TV Show, Ranked By Nielsen Rating

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How did your favorite shows compare to "The Big Bang Theory"? NOT GREAT, BOB.


‘Scandal’ Season Finale Recap: Things Go Boom

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Note to self: Maybe don't mess with Eli Pope.


‘Scandal’ Recap: Somebody Has A Bomb! Again! It’s A Different Bomb, Though!

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Last night's "Scandal" featured bombs, lunatic drunken ranting, and gross slobbery parking garage sex. Par for the course, really.


‘Scandal’ Recap: The President Has A Baguette In His Pants

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Everyone is trying to destroy America, basically. That's the short version.


Every Character On 'Scandal' Ranked From Least To Most Terrible

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"Scandal" is a show filled with terrible human beings. Here they all are, ranked for your pleasure.


‘Scandal’ Discussion: The Sex Chickens Have Come To Roost

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Last night's "Scandal" featured sloppy face-sucking, sexy sex, secret sex, dangerous sex, and fisticuffs. So par for the course, basically.


‘Scandal’ Actor Charged With A Felony After A Fight In A Restaurant

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One of your favorite actors on 'Scandal' has been charged with a felony. He is so method, you guys.


'Scandal' Discussion: Everyone Is Doing Great. Thanks For Asking.

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Last night we found out which character Jake shot, saw Mellie chug booze and shoot guns, and watched Huck and Quinn ... ew.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Suits,’ ‘Sirens,’ And ‘Scandal’

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including "Scandal."


‘Scandal’ Discussion: ‘Scandal’ Is Back And Everyone Is Still Kind Of Terrible

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"Scandal" is back from its winter hiatus, and, yes, everyone is still backstabbing and/or sleeping with each other.

Election 2016

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker May See Washington Hopes Dashed By These Highly Racist Emails

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Several racist emails have surfaced among documents released from an investigation into aides of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

la times

The Los Angeles Times Refused To Publish Dylan Farrow’s Woody Allen Op-Ed

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The Wrap is reporting that The LA Times were the first to receive Dylan Farrow's op-ed piece, but refused to publish it.


The 10 Most Most Ridiculous, Implausible Television Plot Twists Of 2013

By | 113 Comments

The ten biggest plot holes, implausible scenarios, and dumbest plot twists of the year in television.


‘Scandal’ Winter Finale Recap: If You Yell At The President, You Will Get Fired

By | 14 Comments

Last night's "Scandal" winter finale featured some really terrific monologues and the most incompetent medical examiner in history. Let's discuss.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Aiding, Abetting, And Amateur Dentistry

By | 10 Comments

So a few things happened on "Scandal" last night, and we should probably about th-... AAAAHHH THE TEETH THING AHHH.

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