cloaking devices

Scientists Have Developed A Cloaking Device You Can Replicate For Just $150

By | 7 Comments

Scientists at the University of Rochester have put together an affordable invisibility device that you can replicate.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Getting His Own Talk Show And Bill Nye Will Be Involved

By | 7 Comments

Ol' Neil DeGrasse Tyson is getting his own talk show called, of course, 'Star Talk'.


You May Be Able To Touch People And Objects Over The Internet By 2035

By | 8 Comments

The good news is that scientists are working on a way to unlock the full potential of the internet. The bad news is it's gonna take awhile.


Meet 23AndMe, The Company That’s Selling Your DNA Behind Your Back

By | 18 Comments

Did you get a genetic test through 23andMe? Congratulations, you just paid them to take your DNA and sell it to anybody who wants a peek.


Here Is Bill Gates Drinking A Glass Of Water That Used To Be Human Poop

By | 12 Comments

The Janicki Omniprocessor has the power to turn sewage into clean water and energy, and Bill Gates couldn't be happier to drink from it.


The Cause Of The Majority Of Cancers? ‘Bad Luck’.

By | 6 Comments

Some of the most dangerous cancers out there are pretty much a roll of the dice, according to new research.

warp drive

A Nebraska Man Is Building A Warp Drive In His Own Garage

By | 4 Comments

In a world where building a warp drive seemed an impossible feat, one man dared dream big enough to try and make it a reality.


A Team Of Scientists Got Birds Drunk To See How It Affected Their Singing

By | 4 Comments

A team of scientists got birds drunk to see how it affected the birds' singing. Okay!

Artificial Intelligence

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence

By | 9 Comments

Artificial intelligence scared the hell out of some really smart people in 2014. But it shouldn't have. Here's why.


Finally, A Beer Designed To Make You Better At Your Job

By | 2 Comments

Finally, a beer designed to be consumed while working.


Scientists Fact-Check Dr. Oz, And It’s Even Worse Than You Thought

By | 23 Comments

Dr. Oz doesn't play much of a doctor on TV, according to actual doctors who fact-checked his show.


NASA Has Found The First Possible Sign Of Life On Mars, And It Smells Like Farts

By | 7 Comments

NASA has discovered Mars has methane, and the stench of farts is actually a good sign that there's life on the Red Planet.


Look At How Happy This Dog Is With His Fancy New 3D-Printed Legs

By | 14 Comments

Would you like to see an adorable disabled dog immediately start running when fitted with some well-designed prosthetic paws?


Watch The US Navy Use Its Fancy Laser To Blow Stuff Up

By | 14 Comments

The Navy has tested its Laser Weapons System by blowing the hell out of things. God bless America.


Einstein Advised Marie Curie On Trolls: ‘Don’t Read That Hogwash’

By | 4 Comments

Einstein not only knew physics, he knew how to deal with trolls.


The Oldest Human Etchings Discovered, Predate Homo Sapiens By 300,000 Years

By | 7 Comments

One human's treasure is just another early human's trash, as were the oldest human etchings found already in lying in a museum.

#Star Trek

We’re One Step Closer To Making ‘Star Trek’s Holodeck A Reality

By | 8 Comments

Want your own holodeck? We've just had a major breakthrough in that area.


DNA Is Tougher Than You And There’s Science To Prove It

By | 3 Comments

Scientists are surprised at what they discovered while screwing around.

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