Scientists May Have Found A Solution For Hearing Loss

By | 4 Comments

Stand back -- University of Michigan and Harvard scientists deafened some mice and then restored their hearing using SCIENCE!


A Disabled Man Can Walk Again After An Experimental Surgery Reconnected His Spinal Nerves

By | 6 Comments

Darek Fidyka lost the use of his legs in 2010. Now, four years later, he has them back again.


Why Is Lockheed Building A Fusion Reactor? A Non-Nerd Explainer

By | 26 Comments

Lockheed just promised to, essentially, change the world in ten years with nuclear fusion. Here's how.

#Video Games

SHOCKER: An Anti-Video Game Psychologist Turns Out To Be A Lousy Scientist


Brad Bushman is a respected psychologist. He also apparently thinks video games aren't worth a real scientific appraisal.


A Cure For Type I Diabetes Is Just A Few Human Trials Away

By | 3 Comments

Type I diabetes is a serious medical problem affecting millions. And we are tantalizingly close to a cure.


The First Baby Carried In A Transplanted Uterus Has Been Born

By | 6 Comments

A baby has been carried to term in a transplated uterus for the first time, and that raises new questions about fertility.

Cypress Hill

This Is What Happens When You Play Cypress Hill Through A Squid’s Fin

By | 2 Comments

This trippy video might be a little old, but it's still an amazing ride through a squid's biology with a Cypress Hill soundtrack.


Scientists Have Found A Crystal That Can Let You Breathe Underwater

By | 14 Comments

A complex crystal turns out to be the perfect oxygen storage tool, and that's a big deal.


A Compound Found In Beer Can Increase Your Intelligence

By | 5 Comments

Well, if you're young, it can. Is there anything beer can't do?


Your Selfie Could Soon Double As A Cancer Test

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to polarized light, and the mantis shrimp, soon your smartphone could be administering cancer tests.


Is Ebola Going To Wipe Us All Out? An Explainer

By | 16 Comments

Right now, no, Ebola won't be killing us all. But there are serious concerns.


Oh, Great, Now Scientists Are Building The T-1000

By | 6 Comments

North Carolina State University is helping to build the robots that kill the robots that will kill us all, and then will kill us. Great.

the little mermaid

College Humor Ruins ‘The Little Mermaid’ With ‘Under The Deep Sea’


Yeah, going 'Under The Sea' is a lot less fun than it sounds, in this parody.


Artificial Sweeteners May Be Giving You Diabetes

By | 50 Comments

Like diet soda? Think it's better for you than regular? Science is here to ruin your day, then!


America Is Back In The Spaceflight Game: NASA To Reopen Cape Canaveral

By | 6 Comments

We're going to back into space, NASA has just announced.


Did They Really Find A Woman With No Brain In China?

By | 12 Comments

Well, she does have a brain. She's just missing a very crucial part of it. We explain.


DARPA Wants To Give Us All A Wolverine-Esque Healing Factor

By | 10 Comments

Ready to recover from anything within seconds? DARPA is ON IT.


Male Birth Control Might Be Here By 2017

By | 28 Comments

Male birth control is rapidly becoming a reality... if they can find enough test volunteers.

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