KobeSystem, Level 2: Adaptation


Serena Williams has a breakthrough with Kobe during the second day of the KobeSystem seminar.


So Long Andy Roddick And Thanks For Only One Day Of Brooklyn Decker


Things started off well for Andy Roddick at the Australian Open, as he won his first round match over the Netherlands’ Robin Haase 6-3, 6-4, 6-1.

#Kanye West

Everyone Is On The KobeSystem

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The KobeSystem is where the successful find more success.


Serena Williams Is America’s True Fashion Icon


Serena Williams was out and about in West Hollywood the other night, and there’s really nothing else to report.


10.20 The Cooler

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Vinese Ross 'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Attached To IMAX 'MI4' [NJ.com] The Periodic Table Of Swearing [BroBible] John Lennon's Tooth To Be Auctioned Off [Prefix] Tina Knowles Says Bey Craves Waffles & Knows What She Is Having [TUD] Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed At Hearing, Probation [...].


Serena Williams’ Night On Bald Mountain


Your first thought when looking at that picture should be, "Wow, how is it that muscular, 5-foot-9, 150-pound Serena Williams is a sports millionaire and still buys her clothes at the Baby Gap.


We Like To Think It Happened Like This: Marc Anthony Had A Miami Dolphins Birthday Party

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  While today may be singer and actor Marc Anthony’s 43rd birthday, you can bet your salsa-loving butts that this week has been a non-stop fiesta of epic proportions.


NBA Players Sure Loved Fashion Week

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If you were a professional NBA player and you made the majority of your income from endorsements or the E.


The Ballers Run The ESPYS

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So The ESPY's may not be an all-hoops award show, but outside of the U.


Strong is Beautiful

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Womens tennis news has been pretty drab of late, what with Serena Williams being stalked, being told she deserved to be stalked for wearing sexy clothes by the Sporting News, and having to watch her sister sing 311 karaoke on a booze cruise.


Pro-Tip: Do Not Stalk Serena Williams


In a story that I sorta wish had ended with Serena Williams breaking somebody's neck with her legs, alleged stalker and possible Ocarina of Time boss Patenema Ouedraogo was caught on the grounds of Williams' home on Monday night, his pockets stuffed with love letters, and was arrested.


4.26 The Cooler

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Suzi Q. Ice T & Coco To Star In New Reality Show [The Urban Daily] 99 Ironic And All-Around Strange Church Signs [Uproxx] Prodigy Talks New Book, Jail & How Cops Wanted Him To Set Up 50 Cent [The 9 Elements] Serena Williams Starting A Music Career.


Serena Williams Went To The Beach And Jesus Was Pleased

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*Walks up to Def Comedy Jam stage* Here's the difference between White people and Black people: All day I've seen stories about Serena's bikini pics with White people talking about how massive and, sometimes overweight, they think Serena is.


Serena Williams Looks Great

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So somebody took photos of Serena Williams on the beach this weekend, and all I think is that this person hates the world and wants to inflict unimaginable pain on us.

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