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A Brief History Of Fred Armisen’s Musical Career: From Trenchmouth To The 8G Band

By | 5 Comments

Late Night's new band leader has a musical history that goes deeper than you might think.

late night

The 10 Best ‘SNL’ Sketches Seth Meyers Either Wrote Or Starred In

By | 18 Comments

Seth Meyers begins his stint as host of "Late Show" tonight, so let's take a look back at some of his finest "SNL" work.

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‘SNL’s Backstage Farewell To Seth Meyers Is Just The Sweetest Damn Thing Ever

By | 12 Comments

We should all be so lucky someday to work for someone half as nice as Seth Meyers.

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Check Out Conan O’Brien’s Congratulatory Tweet To Jimmy Fallon And Seth Meyers

By | 8 Comments

Conan offered up this classy tweet this morning to congratulate Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, because of course he did.

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Seth Meyers Says Stefon Will Show Up On ‘Late Night’ At Some Point

By | 3 Comments

We already know Seth Meyers is bringing in Saturday Night Live veteran Fred Armisen to be his new Late Night bandleader.

Fred Armisen Will Be The Bandleader On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

By | 28 Comments

Seth Meyers recruited an old friend to lead his band on Late Night.

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Lorne Michaels Talks Worst ‘SNL’ Host Ever, And Why The Show Produces So Many Conservatives

By | 32 Comments

In a deeply engaging 'New York Magazine' interview, Lorne Michaels addresses the worst host ever, why he doesn't tweet, and Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show.

melissa mccarthy

‘SNL’ Recap: A Wildly Uneven End To The Seth Meyers Era

By | 32 Comments

A video recap of the skits from this week's "SNL," hosted by Melissa McCarthy.

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Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update Blooper Reel Illustrates Why He’s Going To Be Great On ‘Late Night’

By | 16 Comments

The outtakes and bloopers from Seth Meyers time on 'Saturday Night Live' illustrate his ability to spin a bad joke into gold.


NBC Reveals ‘OMG Controversial’ First Promos For ‘The Tonight Show’ And ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

By | 18 Comments

NBC accused of 'rewriting history' for failing to mention the rough transition from Jay Leno to Conan O'Brien and back to Jay Leno.


The Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Audition Ever, And 7 More ‘SNL’ Insights From Seth Meyers

By | 36 Comments

In an interview on 'The Dan Patrick Show,' Seth Meyers discusses his 12 years on 'Saturday Night Live.'

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Seth Meyers Tells Letterman About His Wife Getting Food Poisoning On Their Wedding Day From An Oyster


Getting food poisoning sucks. Getting food poisoning on your wedding day, like Seth Meyers' wife did, must REALLY suck.


Two More ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Members To Leave The Show

By | 54 Comments

'Saturday Night Live' looks like it will lose two more, in addition to Seth Meyers and Bill Hader.


It’s Confirmed: Seth Meyers Will Replace Jimmy Fallon As ‘Late Night’ Host

By | 28 Comments

Seth Meyers will move from "SNL" to "Late Night" host, replacing Jimmy Fallon.

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It’s A Done Deal: Jimmy Fallon Will Replace Jay Leno As ‘The Tonight Show’ Host

By | 20 Comments

Our national nightmare is over: Jimmy Fallon is your next "Tonight Show" host.


Amy Poehler Prank Called Seth Meyers On Live TV Because Amy Poehler Is The Greatest

By | 16 Comments

Amy Poehler called Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" as a woman named Coco to prank her former "SNL" cast mate Seth Meyers. She is the best.


SNL: Cecilia Gimenez


Notorious portrait-fixer Cecilia Gimenez stops by Weekend Update to explain her process and share her latest work.


Seth Meyers Is The Frontrunner To Be The New Regis

By | 8 Comments

Ever since Regis Philbin stepped down as co-host of Live!, to live a life full of Pepsi commercials and Donald Trump-assisted Christmas albums, the talk show has been looking for a new host


ESPN Could Learn From Saturday Night Live

By | 14 Comments

Every Monday, NBC takes out the weekend’s trash in the form of Saturday Night Live’s Web “Exclusive” clips, which is the show's nice way of saying, “This sucked so we cut it from the actual show.

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