The ‘Silicon Valley’ Season Finale Featured The Greatest Dick Joke In The History Of Television

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[T = (800 x mJT) / 4] will forever be remembered as the equation used to calculate how many dicks can be jerked in a given time frame.


Big Head From ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Living The Dream

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A high-paying, do-nothing job is all any of us can really ask for.

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The Fake Website For HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Better Than Most Real Corporate Websites

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The webpage for 'Silicon Valley's' fake company is live, and it puts most webpages by real companies to shame.


Get To Know Amanda Crew, The Lone Female Cast Member On ‘Silicon Valley’

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In which we help everyone get to know Silicon Valley's Amanda Crew a little bit better.

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Weekend Preview: The Season Premiere Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

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The season premiere of 'Game of Thrones,' the series premiere of 'Silicon Valley,' and Anna Kendrick on 'Saturday Night Live.'


Elon Musk Is Super Pissed About ‘Silicon Valley’ Because Mike Judge Has Never Been To Burning Man

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Elon Musk saw the premiere of "Silicon Valley" and he is super pissed about it for a hilarious reason.


Yup, Mike Judge's 'Silicon Valley' Still Looks Awesome

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You probably already thought HBO's new tech industry comedy 'Silicon Valley' looked terrific -- but if for some reason you need more convincing, here's another promo.


Watch The Hilarious Extended Trailer For Mike Judge’s New HBO Show ‘Silicon Valley’

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If "Silicon Valley" is half as funny as its trailer, "Silicon Valley" is going to be very, very funny.

Here’s The First Teaser For Mike Judge’s HBO Series ‘Silicon Valley’

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HBO has released the first trailer for Mike Judge's new series 'Silicon Valley' and it looks promising.

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Al Gore Tried To Buy Twitter By Getting Its Founders Drunk On Wine And Patron Tequila

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A New York Times piece on the early days of Twitter contains some interesting tidbits, including Al Gore's attempt to buy the company.


New Series Watch: Which Of These 5 TV Shows Would You Watch

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5 new shows have been put into development, and one comes from Mike Judge, the guy behind 'Idiocracy,' while the other four are examples of the Idiocracy.

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Facebook's Secret Club For Its Rich Might Make You Hate Facebook Even More

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It's nice to see Facebook's corporate culture includes a freaking secret mailing list to talk about First World problems.


Web Entrepreneurs And Celebs Are Just Star-F*%king All Over The Place


The New York Observer has <a href="">an interesting piece out this week on</a>, in the words of Observer <a href="">editor Elizabeth Spiers</a>, "the tendency of new money webby types to plaster their Facebook pages with photos of themselves mugging with celebrities.

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