stop online piracy act

SOPA Is Dead. For Now.


Pat yourself on the back, Internet.

stop online piracy act

MPAA Throws Hissy Fit Over ‘Arts Technica’

We're big fans of Ars Technica around here: they offer intelligent, detailed coverage of tech issues, including the ongoing problems with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or as we like to call it, the complete and total failure to grasp the concept of the Internet.


Reddit Will Go Dark For A Day Next Week To Protest SOPA

When an internet community of Reddit's size is taken offline for 12 hours in protest of something, you know whatever they're protesting must be awful as all hell.


Threatened Boycott Leads Go Daddy To End Its SOPA Support


You see kids, consumer boycotts do actually work sometimes, especially one aimed at a company so shamelessly money-hungry that virtually all of its ad campaigns are centered around gratuitous displays of T&A.

ted stevens

Politicians Who Don’t Understand The Internet Just Aren’t Funny Anymore


I've ranted quite a bit here and in other places about the absurdity of having people who know absolutely nothing about the internet -- and who also don't exhibit the slightest desire to do anything to remedy their ignorance -- being the ones who make laws regulating it.

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