Spring Break

A Detroit Radio Show Is Holding A Spring Break Contest To Identify ‘Sluts’ And ‘Virgins’

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Somebody thought it was a good idea to have young women call in to a radio show and have the hosts determine if they're sluts or virgins.

street brawl

A Giant Southern California Beach Party Turned Into A Giant Southern California Street Brawl


What do you get when you combine alcohol and bros? You get a nasty street brawl. That's what.


UPROXX Video: Time To Party With The 5-Second Films Spring Break Compilation

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The latest 5SF mega compilation wraps all things spring and break (and alcohol and drugs and homicide) related into a neat little package.


C-Tates And J-Hill Are Going On Spring Break In The Latest '22 Jump Street' Photo

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Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are ready for Spring Break in this SWAGGY YOLO new '22 Jump Street' photo.

Spring Break

Five Frat Bros Broke Into Sea World Of Texas To Take Selfies With Dolphins

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5 frat bros decided it would be a cool to break into Sea World during Spring Break and take selfies with dolphins. Haven't these animals had enough?

Spring Break

Great Spring Break Moments Revisited: Grandma’s Airplane Beer Bong Adventure

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The best part about just f*cking around and starting this Spring Break series to entertain my own ridiculous thoughts, and a few other people, is that people have been sending me videos, with each one being better than the next.

Wet T Shirt Contest

Great Moments In Spring Break Revisited: When Wet T-Shirt Lap Dances Go Bad

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Spring Break 2013 may have come and gone, but the memories will last forever.


Spring Break Lap Dance Fail


An intoxicated and bikini-clad Spring Breaker gets a little overzealous on stage, resulting in a painful exit.

the dutch

Great Moments In Spring Break History: Welcome To Amsterdam!

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As if it were made for just this moment, closing out a week of Spring Break fun that six people enjoyed, our final installment in the Great Moments in Spring Break History comes from some college kids who decided to buck the beach trend and head overseas for a European experience.


Parents Are Really Upset Over This Victoria’s Secret Spring Break Ad

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With hundreds of thousands of college students recovering, enjoying or maybe still planning their Spring Break adventures for this year, word is beginning to surface that there may be a darker underbelly to this great American tradition that I have been honoring all week.


Great Moments In Spring Break History: Nobody Messes With Tyler Roosevelt

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This week’s one-man celebration of the greatest Spring Break moments takes us, fittingly, to Ft.


Great Moments In Spring Break History: ‘Walk It Off, Bro!’

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This week’s celebration of the world’s greatest month-long religious holiday, Spring Break, takes a step back from watching women embarrass themselves and focuses on the age-old tradition of bros being bros.


Great Moments In Spring Break History: Stage Diving Has Never Been So Sexy

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As I wrote yesterday, I’m a one-man Spring Break party this week, celebrating some of my favorite moments of debauchery and youthful indiscretions all this week.

#james franco

Spring Breakers Review: Many f*cks spoken, few given

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Kool Aid & Nunchuks Spring Breakers may suffer from the high-expectations problem.

Wet T Shirt Contest

A History Of The Wet T-Shirt Contest

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It was a Saturday afternoon when my cell phone rang.

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