Things Didn’t Go Well When Some Cardinals Fans Encountered Ferguson Protestors Outside Busch Stadium

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Things got pretty ugly outside Busch Stadium last night as Cardinals fans clashed with Ferguson protestors.


Mike Brown Protesters And St. Cardinals Fans Faced Off Last Night And It Got Ugly

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"We're the ones who gave all y'all the freedoms that you have!"


Are The Yankees The Most Hated Baseball Team In America… Or The Entire World?

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A Reddit survey and infographic suggests that not only are the Yankees the most hated baseball team in America, but also the world.


Courtesy Of ‘The Daily Show,’ Here’s The Phillie Phanatic Having Sex With Billy The Marlin While Fredbird Watches


In his apology to the city of Philadelphia last night, Jon Stewart exposed a sex tape made by the Phillie Phanatic with other mascots.


Tim McCarver Hasn’t Retired And Might Torture Only Cardinals Fans Now

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While he is done calling the World Series for Fox, Tim McCarver reiterated that he has not retired and might join the Cardinals as a broadcaster.


The Boston Red Sox Did Something Nice (?) For The St. Louis Cardinals


The World Series champion Boston Red Sox took out an ad in a St. Louis paper to thank the Cardinals and their fans. Good look, Nice Guy Boston!


The World Series Is Over. Now’s The Best Time To Bet On The World Series!

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The World Series just ended, but Bovada has posted championship betting odds for the 2014 series for all 30 teams. Spoiler alert, the Astros aren't winning.


Passive-Aggressive St. Louis Cardinals Fan Weatherman Is The Best Weatherman

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A weatherman deals with the World Series loss of the St. Louis Cardinals with a passive-aggressive weather report.


Some Red Sox Fans Celebrated The World Series With Childish Joy. Others? Not So Much.

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After the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, fans celebrated throughout the city, some a little more dangerously than others.


The Boston Red Sox Won The World Series And Here Come The F-Bombs

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The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions, so Jon Lester and fans are saying the F-word on TV as frequently as possible. WORLD F**KEN CHAMPIONS


Morning Links: A Contestant From The Bachelor Made A Cancer Joke About Yadier Molina

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We know that the St. Louis Cardinals have baseball's best fans, but 'The Bachelor' season 11 contestant Sarah Newlon is bringing Red Sox fans neck-and-neck with them.


The American Mustache Institute Has Issued A Cease & Desist On All Obnoxious Red Sox Beard Jokes


The American Mustache Institute has issued a SUPER SERIOUS cease & desist to the Boston Red Sox for all mustache and beard-related merchandising.


With Leather’s Watch This: Adam Carolla Gave Tito Ortiz A Boxing Lesson

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On Monday's edition of the Adam Carolla Show, Adam Carolla offered Tito Ortiz some boxing lessons.


The Best Highlights Of The 2013 ALCS And NLCS, Presented In the Medium Of Lego


Here are the top plays and moments from the 2013 ALCS and NLCS as performed by a bunch of stop-motion LEGO men.


Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino Is Rootin’ Hard To Bring The ‘World Series Cup’ Back To Boston

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In yet another hilarious verbal sports gaffe, Boston mayor Tom Menino said he's rooting hard for the Red Sox to win the "World Series Cup."


How Did The Cardinals And Red Sox Make It To The World Series? Elephants, Of Course!

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According to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, their elephants helped the Cardinals and Red Sox make the World Series.


‘The Chase Is On’ Is The St. Louis Cardinals Playoff Song No One Asked For

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"The Chase is On" is either an ironic viral mockery of the pious St. Louis Cardinals fans or just an awful fan tribute song.


Jack Clark Wants Albert Pujols To Take A Lie Detector Test Over Steroid Accusations

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In case you aren’t following the biggest lawsuits in baseball with a breathless anticipation for each and every legal document, I’ll break down the big two for you very easily: 1) Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball for trying to destroy him.

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