Review: ‘True Story’ Is A Masturbatory Faux Morality Tale Starring Jonah Hill And James Franco

By | 19 Comments

'True Story' wants to judge its own unreliable narrator even while believing everything he says.


A 74-Year-Old Woman Asked Jason Momoa About ‘Aquaman’ And He Spilled The Beans

By | 22 Comments

At Sundance, a 74 year old female comic fan asked Jason Momoa about 'Aquaman', and being a gentleman, he answered her.


Review: ‘Partisan’ Is A Meditative Thriller About A Colony Of Child Assassins

By | 26 Comments

Ariel Kleiman's 'Partisan' is an intense coming-of-age story set amongst a separatist cult of underage assassins.


Review: Sam Rockwell Plays A Biblical Treasure Hunter In Jared Hess’s Undercooked ‘Don Verdean’

By | 33 Comments

Sam Rockwell stars plays an archaeologist searching for a second draft of this script.

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Review: ’71’ Is An Intense, Hyper Violent Anti-War Film About ‘The Troubles’ In Northern Ireland

By | 38 Comments

If you like your anti-war films in the form of sphincter-tightening kicks to the nuts, '71 is the film for you.

#Sundance 2015

‘Grandma’ Stars Lily Tomlin As A Cuss-Mouthed Lesbian In A Sundance Conventional Dramedy

By | 15 Comments

Lily Tomlin gives no Fs in the Sundance dramedy 'Grandma,' which seems too impressed with its own very mild outrageousness.

Bobcat Goldthwait

‘Call Me Lucky’ Director Bobcat Goldthwait Lit Up A Sundance Comedy Show With Funny, Sad Personal Anecdotes

By | 30 Comments

"I've been talking about Bill Cosby being a rapist onstage for 20 years. Only I didn't know it was actually true."


Ryan Reynolds On ‘Deadpool’s Small Budget: ‘We Get To Make The Movie We Want To Make’

By | 16 Comments

Ryan Reynolds is comfortable with the comparatively smaller size of the 'Deadpool' budget.

#Sundance 2015

‘Going Clear’ Is Alex Gibney’s Utterly Devastating Exposé On The Inner Workings Of Scientology

By | 33 Comments

A first look at Alex Gibney's biting documentary 'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief' from Sundance.


Flea And Peter Dinklage Support A Junkie Jazz Musician In The Trailer For ‘Low Down’

By | 8 Comments

Peter Dinklage's name might be the click-bait, but Flea is the actual reason to watch this trailer.


Billy Crudup Stars In William H. Macy’s Directorial Debut, ‘Rudderless’

By | 11 Comments

Have a box of tissues at the ready... because Billy Crudup is looking *hellllla* fly in this trailer.


What’s On Tonight: Please Watch ‘Rectify’

By | 24 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season premiere of "Rectify."


Nick Offerman Offers The Greatest Indie Film Advice On ‘Conan’ With The Song ‘P*ssy And Weed’

By | 3 Comments

When Nick Offerman speaks, we listen. And when he sings, we listen even harder. He might've ruined Sundance, but this song is the greatest advice ever.


The New Raid 2 Trailer Is Full Of Butt Stabbings And Hammer Fights

By | 22 Comments

The new Raid 2 trailer has punching, kicking, crashing, hammering, and butt stabbing, perfect for its Sundance Film Festival premiere.


Trailer for Escape from Tomorrow, A Film Shot Illegally Inside Disney Parks

By | 39 Comments

I've often thought Disneyland seems like a great place for terrifying acid trip, and that was only on Mr.


TRAILER: Blue Caprice, about the Beltway snipers

By | 18 Comments

After the jump, we've got the trailer for Sundance darling Blue Caprice, an Alexandre Moors film about the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks starring Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond.

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