Watch This Aggressive Driver Send Two Women On A Harrowing Chase In This Terrifying Road Rage Incident

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Two California women are thankful to have escaped unharmed after an insane driver sent them on a terrifying chase.


London’s New Tower Bridge Glass Walkway Got Shattered By A Beer Bottle Just Two Weeks After Opening

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London's new Tower Bridge glass walkway which sits 140 feet over the Thames River already got taken out by a beer bottle.


A Woman Came THIS Close To Being Impaled By A Flying Hatchet On A Massachusetts Highway

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Nope, never getting in a vehicle ever again. Too many flying hatchets these days.


This Little Girl’s To-Do List Is A Reminder Why Little Girls Are Not To Be F*cked With

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I have a feeling that this little girl's brother has a trip to Belize in his near future.


The Luckiest Guy Ever Survived A Lightning Strike That Left His Shoes Charred And Smoking

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This guy from Atlanta survived a lightning strike which blew his shoes off, but he was all NBD because that's how they roll in Atlanta.


Two Runners Had A Terrifying Encounter With A Black Bear On A Remote Trail In Alberta

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Watch these two runners come precariously close to getting EATEN BY A BEAR.


Man Takes A Pants-Crappingly Insane Selfie On Top Of The Christ the Redeemer Statue

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Oh, you know, just your run-of-the-mill selfie on top of the Christ the Redeemer Statue.


A Town In Arizona Is Being Terrorized By Packs Of Stray Chihuahuas

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According to a local news report, the town of Maryvale, AZ is being terrorized by packs of as many as 15 stray Chihuahuas.

the ring

Future Ex-Boyfriend Plays Horrifying ‘The Ring’-Inspired Prank On His Girlfriend

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Note to boyfriends everywhere: do not "surprise" your girlfriend with pranks inspired by "The Ring."


German Scarecrow Much Better Than Other Scarecrows


More often than not, television commercials for local businesses can be rather weak, like this one here (sometimes even mildly racist).

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