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Danny Brown – “Guitar Solo” Video

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<a href=""> Only right that "Guitar Solo" gets a video, constructed under the "save the best for last" idea. I could very well be wrong but the release of this clip should round out almost every <a href="">Hybrid</a> track having an accompanying set of visuals.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown – “Greatest Rapper Ever” Video

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<a href=""> Listening to "<a href="">Greatest Rapper Ever</a>" is when Danny Brown's music clicked for me.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown – “The Nana Song” Video

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<a href=""> Finesse of a low-budget video must be rooted in talent. A weighty skill set is the boiled-down, made-from-concentrate, rap extract a Hip-Hop video made in handheld night vision must begin with. It is as essential as Adam's rib was to Eve. Luckily <a href="">Danny Brown</a> is so infused with talent and skill that this video that toes the line of ridiculousness is finessed on the side of pure entertainment.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown – “Nowhere 2 Go” Video

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<a href=""> Growing up in one of the few cities in the US that could be considered more desolate than Detroit, I've become accustomed to the fact that everything good comes with a price. Whether it's a Hip-Hop show or a BBQ in the park for a charity, drama is lurking in just about every corner of the city, whether you're looking for it or not. <a href="">Danny Brown's</a> latest video to hit the net touches on the concept that when events always end up being ruined, there ends up being "Nowhere 2 Go" in a city.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown – “The Hybrid” Video

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<a href=""> Months ago, I suggested that new names to the scene should take advantage of the tools at their disposal, like YouTube. More recently, I told Jeff Weiss that <a href="">Danny Brown</a> would be a rap superhero if this were the '90s, back when rappers didn't have to have machines, but bars were the entry ticket into the public consciousness.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown – “Shootin’ Moves” Video

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<a href=""> "Ain't in your top three, then b#tch you can't count..." <a href="">Danny The Hybrid</a> seems to live a enviably, wonderful life doing hoodrat things with his friends.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown Tells How The Hybrid Came To Be

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It's not particularly uncommon for rappers to flood the listening market with their work.

We Got Now

Danny Brown Is The Greatest Rapper Ever

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<a href=""> "...Still be sitting on the couch if I was signed to Koch, Could've signed to the Roc, now I'm signed to the streets, the D the only thing that's profiting for me." As we traverse the rap universe, mapping out what we believe to be "next," we encounter a wide range of individuals and end up in unfamiliar locales. So while others use their own methods of music discovery, I prefer to follow rappers whose music greets me @ the city limits and then takes me on a guided tour of their town. And that's what <a href="">Danny Brown</a> has been doing, but perhaps most eloquently with The Hybrid.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown – “Re-Up” Video

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I've been listening to <a href="">Danny Brown</a> heavy since he merked out on "<a href="">Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid</a>" off Jay Stay Paid.

The Hybrid

Danny Brown Feat. Elzhi – “Contra”

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I'm not saying I'm jealous, but when do I get a song called "LC.

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