The Sims 4

The Latest, Gloriously Dark ‘The Sims 4′ Trailer Celebrates Pools And Their Potential For Murder


Pools are back, and EA isn't shying away from the morbid reasons people missed them.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Will Finally Allow Players To Drown Their Sims

'The Sims 4' will add a quick and horrible way for your Sim to die. Yes, it's deliberate.

The Sims 4

Don’t Worry Everybody, There’s Already A Nude Mod For ‘The Sims 4′

Want to see what's under those 'The Sims 4' pixel clouds? Well, now you can.

The Sims 4

What’s The Deal With ‘Seinfeld’ And ‘Friends’ Recreated In ‘The Sims 4’?

The show about nothing has been faithfully recreated in the game about nothing. This Seinfeld pack is downloadable. So is Friends and more.

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Five Games: ‘The Sims 4′ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week


Get back in The Sims or climb aboard a garbage truck in this week's Five Games.

The Sims 4

The Sims Play To The Back Row In The Latest ‘The Sims 4′ Trailer

'The Sims 4' is all about emotions, and those emotions aren't subtle.

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‘The Sims 4′ Won’t Have Toddlers Or Pool Drownings And Sims Fans Are Outraged


Were you hoping to drown a toddler in the pool in 'The Sims 4'? Well, too bad, you sicko.

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‘The Sims 4′ Gets An Adults Only Rating In Russia For Exactly The Reason You’re Probably Guessing


Don't worry, the children of Russia aren't safe from much, but they are safe from 'The Sims 4'...

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7 Promising Video Games That Are Going To Flop In 2014


These games will probably be good, but that doesn't mean anybody will buy them...

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