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The Wolverine Has Bone Claws And The Viper Goes Nihilist In New Videos

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Fox has released a third clip and four character featurettes from James Mangold's 'The Wolverine'.


The Second Clip From ‘The Wolverine’ Adds To The Body Count At A Funeral

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The second clip from 'The Wolverine' features Hugh Jackman and Rila Fukushima fighting thugs at a funeral.


Take That, Physics! The First Clip From ‘The Wolverine’ Brings Claws To A Knife Fight.

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The first clip from 'The Wolverine' is a fight scene between Wolverine and the Yakuza atop a bullet train in Japan.


'The Wolverine' Unsheaths New Footage And Photos

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'The Wolverine' is coming in a few weeks, and his mutant power of Wolverine Publicity is in full effect.


This New International Trailer For ‘The Wolverine’ Is Pretty Okay


The newest trailer for 'The Wolverine' goes heavy on the Viper. Plus, we have a Grumpy Cat parody and more.


New Wolverine Trailer: Wolverine gets shaved and fights the Japanese

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Is there going to be a superhero movie where the hero DOESN'T start out all beardy and disheveled at the beginning of the trailer.


The Second Full Trailer ‘The Wolverine’ Brings The Shirtless Tongue Action

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The newest trailer for 'The Wolverine' has just the right balance of shirtless Hugh Jackman, samurai, and crazy tongue action.


FilmDrunk Video: We've replaced Wolverine's claw sounds. Let's see if he notices.

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Yesterday, we<a href="" target="_blank"> posted the newest trailer</a> for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel, The Wolverine, directed by 3:10 to Yuma's James Mangold.


The New Trailer For 'The Wolverine' Has Some Silver Samurai

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I was trying to think of a decent introduction to this new trailer for The Wolverine to properly convey my hopes and expectations for James Mangold’s upcoming effort, due out on July 26, but I think that <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube commenter “118bone”</a> beat me to it: Please be good.


The New Wolverine 2 Trailer Nukes the Well

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Man, if I had a nickel for every action movie trailer that started off with the hero all unkempt with a long beard and hair, claiming to have sworn off whatever it was that makes him the star of the movie.


‘The Wolverine’ Unsheathes An International Trailer (UPDATE: Now With US Trailer)

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Here's the first full trailer for 'The Wolverine'. It's a lot better than the poster!


Wolverine pioneering revolutionary new strategy of releasing film a few seconds at a time

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This week has been a busy one for the Wolverine: We're Calling It "The Wolverine" In The Hopes That You'll Forget About The Last One.


Improved Poster For ‘The Wolverine’, Plus A Teaser And Pictures Of Viper And More

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The weird poster for 'The Wolverine' gets a photoshop fix, and we have a teaser and pictures of Viper, Mariko, Yukio, and Hugh Jackman shirtless.


‘The Wolverine’ Has A New Poster And… Uh… Well…

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Apparently Americans like ninjas. Lots of ninjas. Photoshopped ninjas.


“Hugh Jackman Shirtless” Continues To Be Image Theme For ‘The Wolverine’

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'The Wolverine' would like to remind you that Hugh Jackman is a fit specimen of a man.


Matthew Vaughn Won’t Direct ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’, So Bring On Brett Ratner!

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If you all will indulge me, I have some <a href="">page view whoring to do here on Vince’s pretty CSS style sheet</a>… There have been a variety of rumors regarding the direction that Fox would be taking the X-Men after the overwhelming success of X-Men: First Class rescued the franchise from the Cheetos-dusted fingers of Brett Ratner’s demise.


‘The Wolverine’ Gets A Surprising Cameo

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'The Wolverine' is apparently going to be a lot more than Hugh Jackman Stabs Japan. Not that we wouldn't see that movie, too.


First Look At Viper And The Silver Samurai On The Set Of ‘The Wolverine’

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We're happy to share another batch of set photos from 'The Wolverine' we can combine with the previous set of shirtless Hugh Jackman photos.

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You’re so vein: Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine

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Speaking of movies <a href="">doomed by association</a> from the start, here's Hugh Jackman (more like HUGE JACKEDMAN, AMIRIGHT) in the first publicity still from The Wolverine Saga: Retracting Knives Part 2 or whatever it's called.

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