Welcome 2 Detroit: Eminem Live At Comerica Park

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/12/the-15-best-hip-hop-albums-of-2010"> It’s common knowledge that years of relentless performing led <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/eminem">Eminem</a> to his multiple drug dependencies and four year hiatus from Hip-Hop, and since then he’s been notoriously known to very, very rarely grace the live stage.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Feat. Danny Brown & Lil B – “Trap Ball”

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/08/danny-brown-shootin-moves-video"> Here @ TSS, we post songs because they're either above average or so far below that our ears laugh along with our mouths. We've just found purgatory when it comes to the featured players on this new track from <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/Tony-Yayo">Tony Cocaine's</a> unpublicized Hawaiian Snow project.

Tony Yayo

“I Wonder If You Mad…”

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/08/50-cent-interrupts-shyne-on-def-jam-conference-call"> <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/50-cent">50 Cent</a> is the greatest villain Hip-Hop has ever seen.

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Tony Yayo Feat. 50 Cent – “Pass The Patron” Video

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<a href="http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/tony-yayo-feat-50-cent-pass-2"> Banks fell off. 50's hit potential has somewhat diminished. Now, isn't it remarkable that the one original member of G-Unit who was an afterthought @ first ("Free Yayo" anyone?) is now the same guy who has found a comfortable lane & makes possibly the most entertaining music out of the trio? Via <a href="http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/tony-yayo-feat-50-cent-pass-2">ThisIs50</a>.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo – “King Of The Pyrex” Video

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In his latest <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/g-unit">G-Unit</a> film, Tony "Chi-Chi Get Tha" Yayo is baggin' crack on Canal St.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo – “Bullets Whistle” Video

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Sleep, jeer, or sneer if you wanna.


They Make This Too Easy…

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Never in my life did I imagine that <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/mtv">MTV</a> could make me laugh more than The Office.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo – “Roll It Up” Video

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Even though you can't tell by this song, Yayo's progression > Banks.

Whoo Kid

Tony Yayo – Public Enemies Mixtape & “I Get It In Southside” Video

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One of Hip-Hop's reigning & most entertaining weed carriers is back.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Feat. Lil’ Boosie – “Cadillac”

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In an effort to make music people might actually listen to, G-Unit's hype man has reached outside his comfort zone and hooked up with Lil' Boosie The Bad Azz for a track called "Cadillac.

What's Beef?

Look What You Started Bawse…

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<a href="http://www.divshare.com/download/6510597-c8d">G-Unit - I'll Be The Shooter (Rick Ross Diss)</a> <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2009/02/rick-ross-mafia-music-video">"Mafia Music"</a> was the match that burnt down the entire forest.

Uncle Murda

The Goonies

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<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/sloth.jpg"></a>Words by Khalid Strickland In the wacky world of Hip-Hop some artists are known more for scrappin’ than for rappin’.

Young Jeezy

“Fifteen Greats In ’08” – The Most Exceptional Hip-Hop Albums Of 2008

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Generally, the bickering and babbling that coincides with ranking the year’s best LPs tend to blur the focus on the overall picture.

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G-Unit T.O.S. Listening Session. 6.12.08. NYC.

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Written by Drew Ricketts Enter a record-label sponsored listening party and expect a few standard perquisites plus a few more extravagant items that seem superfluous.

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TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo

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It's too easy to dismiss G-Unit as a crew of underlings riding off the lead rapper's success.

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