tractor beam

Science Builds A Tractor Beam. Well, Kinda.


This tractor beam won't pull Ferengi ships into Uranus, but it is really neat.

tractor beam

Party Trick #185: Turning A Laser Into A Tractor Beam

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Ahhh yeah ya'll, I hope everybody brought along an extra change of clothes today -things are about to get sweaty and sexy- because we're gonna' be discussing lasers, folks, specifically how one might turn a laser into a tractor beam.

#Star Trek

Tractor Beams Made Feasible, Trekkies Rejoice


There are many technologies that "Star Trek" anticipated, although sadly for horny lonely people and thankfully for the continued existence of the human race, the Holodeck remains fiction.

tractor beam

Tractor Beams Becoming Real, Phasers Still a Dream

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Yes, Virginia, they really are working on a tractor beam.

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