Azealia Banks Continues Her Twitter Beefing By Taking On Action Bronson

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Azealia Banks argues with another rapper on Twitter, this time Action Bronson plays the foe.


Frodo Khasbulaev Twitter Battles Sam Caplan – Who Ya Got?


Bellator fighter Frodo Khasbulaev got into a Twitter beef with former Bellator director of talent, Sam Caplan. Who won the war of words?

#Pro Wrestling

UFC’s Conor McGregor Vs. WWE’s Sheamus. Who Ya Got?

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Conor McGregor and Sheamus got into a heated twitter beef about who could whoop who's ass.


Azealia Banks Continues To Blast Eminem And We’re All Suckers For Caring

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Tells The Daily Beast she "[doesn't] need anything from Eminem."


Steve Smith Has Some Interesting Thoughts About Sex In An Elevator

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In which Steve Smith talks about having sex with his wife in an elevator.


Lady Gaga Fans Are Flipping Out That Her DC Show Was Moved For The Wizards

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After it was announced that Lady Gaga would swap her DC and Philly shows because of the Washington Wizards, the Little Monsters went crazy.

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Feud Of The Year Watch: Kanye West Will Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tomorrow Night

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After their hilarious and random Twitter feud, Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel will face off on the latter's talk show tomorrow night.

#jimmy kimmel

Kanye West Is Starting A Twitter War With Jimmy Kimmel

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Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel started a major Twitter war with Kanye West after a sketch Jimmy ran ticked him off.


Dan Cortese, Daisy Fuentes Took Us Back To The 90s With Some NBA Finals Trash Talk

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Last night’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals was an instant classic for a number of reasons, from Tim Duncan bathing and frolicking in the Fountain of Youth and LeBron James unlocking “Kiss My Ass” mode in the fourth quarter to Manu Ginobili’s “Go home, you’re drunk” style and Miami Heat fans, well, just going home before the 4th quarter was over.


Here’s Why You Don’t Really Care That One Person Didn’t Vote For LeBron James

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One of the strangers encounters that I’ve ever had with a sh*t-talking sports fan came after the Miami Heat defeated the Orlando Magic last season, and a gentleman in a Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James jersey and Heat hat was shouting to the Amway Center crowd, “That’s how he do it.


This Looks Like A Strange AOL Commercial


<a href="https://twitter.com/PhilJackson11">Phil Jackson joined twitter</a> with a bang, when he Tweeted a bunch of jibberish about his 11 rings and most people were like, “This is going to be a joke about how it’s hard to type with 11 rings on” and sure enough, those people were right.


Lil Wayne Brought A Gun To A Miami Heat Game And Doesn't Understand Why That Might Be Weird

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Sure, Lil' Wayne is one of the most prolific rappers of all time, but his days off almost exclusively involve the following: 1.


Chris Paul Isn’t Rolling With The New Orleans Pelicans And It Got Ugly From There

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Like most people, when news broke that the New Orleans Hornets were changing their name to the Pelicans, I was all like, “Pelicans.


Santonio Holmes Wants The Big Bad Media People To Be Nice Now, Please


New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes likes to talk.


Reason No. 4,651,763 Why Twitter Is Destroying Humanity

By | 17 Comments

That battered face above belongs to 26-year old professional poker player Sam Trickett, who claims <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/Samtrickett1">on his Twitter account</a> to be the most winning poker player in the history of Great Britain and Ireland.


No, No, No, No: We Do Not Want To Watch Mark Cuban Debate Skip Bayless


During last night’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals I noticed a Tweet from someone about Skip Bayless making fun of Chris Bosh, and without thinking I clicked over to Bayless’ Twitter profile.


Osi Umenyiora, LeSean McCoy Still Feuding

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Last summer, as the majority of NFL players were worried about whether or not they’d be able to pay for their Internet bills, <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/CutonDime25">Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy</a> took a shot at <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/OsiUmenyiora">New York Giants DE Osi Umenyiora</a> on Twitter, calling him soft and overrated.

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