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What If Europe's Top Football Clubs Got The American Sports Logo Treatment?

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Here's a pretty good idea of what it might look like if the sports logos of Europe's best clubs were suddenly designed by Americans.


Team USA Defeated Russia For The Gold Medal In Ice Sledge Hockey At The Paralympics

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Led by U.S. Marine and Purple Heart recipient Josh Sweeney, Team USA defeated Russia 1-0 in the gold medal ice sledge hockey game at the Paralympics.


New 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Clip Already Has A F*CK YEAH Parody


The newest 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' clip shows Steve Rogers impersonating the Kool-Aid Man, and there's already a mashup version as well.


Important Science Explains Why You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

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NPR compared 74,476 pizza prices to answer the question: what do you pay per square inch of pizza for different pizza sizes?


Important Government Research Project Develops Pizza That Stays Fresh For Three Years

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Military researchers have finally come up with the most-requested item for MREs: pepperoni pizza that won't go soggy.


Watch Peter Dinklage Pump America Up For The 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony


Peter Dinklage takes a break from the 'Game of Thrones' to make the 2014 Winter Olympics look amazing. Trust in The Dink.


Here Is Everything You Need To Gamble Away Your Money On The 2014 Winter Olympics

By | 2 Comments

The folks at Bovada have a plethora of prop bets for the 2014 Winter Olympics for everyone to gamble on.


Oh Nothing, Just John Daly Rocking Some SpongeBob Pants At The Qatar Masters

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John Daly is five strokes behind the leader at the Qatar Masters, thanks (presumably) to the SpongeBob pants he wore on Tuesday.

2014 winter olympics

The IOC Has Ordered America’s Women’s Hockey Goalie To Remove ‘We The People’ From Her Helmet

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The IOC forced America's Women's Hockey goalie Jessie Vetter to remove 'We the People' from her helmet because it violated propaganda rules.


With Leather's Watch This: There Was A Fight Between The Canadian And US Women's Hockey Teams


The Team USA and Team Canada women's hockey teams continued their bitter rivalry with another big brawl in Friday's exhibition game.


The Wiggles Wrote A Glorious Song About The U.S. Rugby League World Cup Team

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After the U.S. Tomahawks pulled off huge wins over Cook Islands and South Wales in the rugby World Cup, the Wiggles recorded a tribute to them.


An Oregon Middle School Football Coach Was Fired For Planning A Party For His Team At Hooters

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A middle school football coach in the Portland, Oregon area was fired for planning a team party at Hooters.


Introducing The Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger That Everyone Is Drooling Over

By | 14 Comments

The burger wizards at PYT in Philadelphia have created a deep-fried Twinkies burger that will blow your mind.


'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Gets The Obligatory 'Team America' Remix

By | 3 Comments

Finally, the first trailer for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' gets the 'Team America' version it so richly deserves. (Plus GIFs)


‘Ski Jumping Pairs’ Presents Japan’s Idea Of How American Ski Jumpers Jump

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Behold the glory of 'Ski Jumping Pairs,' a Japanese PSP game that makes American ski jumpers look like murderous, football-obsessed maniacs.

American Dream

Let Freedom Ring With Even More Awesome Captain America Cosplay

By | 5 Comments

To kick off our Independence Day celebration, we're posting over 30 pictures from our supersized collection of Captain America cosplay.

American Dream

Let’s Celebrate Our Independence With Awesome ‘Captain America’ Cosplay

By | 3 Comments

To kick off our Independence Day celebration, we're posting over 30 pictures from our supersized collection of Captain America cosplay.


Krispy Kreme Will Debut A Sloppy Joe Doughnut Sandwich Tomorrow In San Diego

By | 12 Comments

Chef “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian will unleash the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe doughnut sandwich, among other things, tomorrow at the San Diego County Fair.


‘And Introducing Keith David As Keith David’: The New, Best ‘Saints Row IV’ Trailer

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The red band E3 trailer for 'Saints Row IV' parodies overdramatic movie trailers and introduces the Vice President of The United States: Keith David.


An American Won The Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Race Because U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

By | 3 Comments

As far back as the 15th century, people have been gathering at Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester, England to chase a giant wheel of cheese in an incredibly dangerous manner.

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