Jose Tabata Leaned Into Pitch To Ruin Perfect Game And Twitter Went Nuts


Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Jose Tabata leaned into a pitch to break up a perfect game. Understandably, everybody's unhappy about it.


Nationals Pitcher Doug Fister Nearly Lost Something Very Important On The Mound

Good thing he caught his slip-up before it was too late. Stay woke, Doug!


Bryce Harper Took A Selfie On The Field With A Fan’s Phone

Harper's selfie game is nearly as strong as his baseball game. But then again, he's a 22-year-old superstar, so you knew that already.


Bryce Harper Is So Good That He’s Even Surprising Himself With Home Runs Like This


Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper didn't realize he hit a home run at first against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday.

twitter reactions

Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Made His Masterful Comeback Today, And Twitter Was Pretty Pumped About It

Today, Matt Harvey made his first big-league start since undergoing Tommy John surgery in the fall of 2013, and he was spectacular.


Doug Fister Treated His Twitter Followers To Free Starbucks Coffee

The Washington Nationals pitcher offered his Twitter followers a Starbucks gift card on Christmas Eve. What, no free Pornhub?

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Pumped Up The San Francisco Giants Crowd For Game 3 Of The NLDS


The Giants energized their fans for a potential sweep by having WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan lead them in a YES! chant.


This Craigslist Ad For Free Nationals Playoff Tickets For A Threeway Is Likely Fake


An unnamed 24-year old Nationals fan is giving away his Game 1 tickets to two ladies who will sleep with him at the same time.


The Nationals’ Steven Souza Made This Wild, Diving Catch In The Ninth Inning To Preserve A No-Hitter


With two outs in the ninth, the Nationals needed some heroics by a rookie outfielder. He delivered in style.


Bryce Harper Is Not A Fan Of The Atlanta Braves Logo Behind Home Plate At Turner Field


Braves fans were giving Bryce Harper some grief, so he decided to get back at them by messing up the team logo behind home plate.


The Washington Nationals Racing Presidents Have Joined The Shield And Are Trying To Assassinate Lincoln


For some amazing reason, three of the GEICO Racing Presidents have joined WWE's The Shield and are trying to take out Abe Lincoln.


Manager Matt Williams Wants Nothing To Do With Mascot Matt Williams


During Monday night's game between the Nationals and Diamondbacks, Matt Williams did not seem pleased with his mascot counterpart.


Matt Williams Got Into A Car Accident While Giving A Radio Interview

While on 106.7 The Fan for his weekly segment, Nationals Manager Matt Williams was rear-ended by another driver.


Important: A Flying Rabbit Screwed Teddy Out Of The Easter Day Presidents Race

The Easter Bunny interrupted the 4/20 Racing Presidents race with a dive onto Teddy Roosevelt. Don't know know what he does to wild game?


Listen To Some Bored Mets Fans Chant ‘Daniel Bryan’ At Jayson Werth


Bored New York Mets fans decided to chant 'Daniel Bryan' and 'YES' at Jayson Werth, because what the hell else are Mets fans supposed to do at a ball game?


This Headline Either Needs A Comma Or One Mets Fan Is Pretty Dehydrated


This Mets headline is a pretty great example of the power of a comma.


Davey Johnson Turned In The Quote Of The Year About Mike Napoli’s Porn Star Girlfriend


The above young lady in the fuchsia dress, enjoying a sip of spirits with her fellow lady friend is adult film actress Rachel Starr.

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