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This Car Dealership Is Under Fire After Harassing A Pizza Delivery Man Out Of His Tip On Video

By | 47 Comments

Shocking footage shows car dealership employees harassing and belittling a pizza delivery man out of a $7 tip.


This Restaurant Owner Tracked Down A Customer After A Bad Yelp Review

By | 32 Comments

There are proper ways to handle Yelp criticism and then there is this way.


A Negative Yelp Review Led To This Hilarious Take Down From The Restaurant’s Owner

By | 43 Comments

Think twice before leaving a negative YELP review for this restaurant.


Another Reason Yelp Is Bullsh*t: A Company Is Paying People To Write Positive Reviews

By | 6 Comments

Even though Yelp sucks as a company, their user reviews are still totally trustworthy, right? Oh except for the fake ones.


A San Francisco Restaurant Has Stepped Up To The Plate To Wage War On Yelp

By | 82 Comments

Yelp has been revealed to be the online mafia to business owners and one San Francisco restaurant isn't taking it lying down.


Here’s A Glorious Yelp Review For Brooklyn’s Taco Santo

By | 14 Comments

Nobody reviews restaurants quite like Ross from Brooklyn.

Yelp review

Nobody Reviews Restaurants On Yelp Quite Like This Man

By | 21 Comments

Charley may not have a popular Yelp account, but give it a few days, he's on an upward trend.


Sia Tried To Destroy The Reputation Of Her Dry Cleaner On Twitter But Yelpers Came To The Rescue

By | 21 Comments

Let this be a lesson to other celebrities: Trying to get revenge on small businesses on Twitter just ain't worth it.


Here Are The Best Yelp Reviews For Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store That ‘Doesn’t Serve Fags’

By | 31 Comments

Big Earl's Bait House and Country Store in Pittsburgh Texas defended their right not not serve 'fags' and guess what happened next?


Check Out The Best Yelp Reviews For This Cafe With A Penis Logo

By | 5 Comments

The Market Place & Cafe in Arlington, Virginia has been raising eyebrows for years now due to an odd logo.


Yelp Users Are Expertly Pranking A Homophobic, Racist Restaurant Owner

By | 38 Comments

Gary James is a monster, so he deserves to be pranked. And then some.


Yelpers Go To Town On Pizzeria After 4Chan Posts Photo Of Someone Allegedly Masturbating In The Kitchen

By | 8 Comments

The owner of Jersey Joe's Pizzeria in San Diego claims an ex-employee is behind some images on 4Chan that show someone masturbating in his kitchen.


Yelp’s New Word Map Site Is Surprisingly Useful


Yelp Word Map uses critic data points to show you where all the hipster bars and frat bro places are. Or at least where Yelpers think they are.


Douchebags Now Have A Card They Can Flash In Public To Display Their Douche Credentials

By | 17 Comments

Are you a douchebag looking to up your game? Maybe you should consider The ReviewerCard?


Courts Officially Can’t Make You Rewrite Yelp Reviews


You probably shouldn't trust Yelp reviews, but at least now, nobody can be legally blackmailed into changing theirs.


Well Of Course There's A Yelp Review For 'That Guy's Face'


Okay here's the thing: I've done everything in my power to avoid the so-called "South Beach cannibal" story -- the tragic tale of the homeless guy who had his face eaten off by another homeless guy who was hopped up on bath salts in Miami.


Some Yelpers Are Extorting Restaurants, Apparently

By | 4 Comments

Like many people, I often check Yelp reviews before checking out a restaurant I've never been to, even though many Yelp reviewers are insufferable dipsh*ts.


SNL’s Stefon Has Been Recommending Clubs With EVERYTHING On Yelp And No One Realized It

By | 3 Comments

Bill Hader's brilliant Stefon is easily SNL's most celebrated current recurring character and the only recurring character this side of @ss Dan that I actively root to make an appearance.

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