Apple Would Like You To Know Celebrities Use Siri Better Than You Do

04.18.12 6 years ago

Not sure if you guys have seen the new iPhone 4S TV ads yet (probably have, you trendy buggers) but they star two internet faves — Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel — interacting exclusively with Siri to plan out their day.

Now, the only thing Don Draper and I have in common is a fondness for booze and a reluctance to break up fights, but I get the feeling Apple is trying to tell us via these ads that we’re not using Siri properly. I imagine a bunch of Apple employees sitting around Cupertino, YouTube-ing all the dumb sh*t people ask Siri and getting frustrated to the point where they felt they needed a full on marketing attack to validate their efforts. Everyone is trying to score a hooker and no one is using Siri to find organic mushrooms! is the vibe I’m getting.

So they’ve recruited a couple of cool cat influencers to remind the rest of us just how helpful Siri can be. I have to say it’s not bad. Even if it doesn’t seem very Job-sian and Siri still hates your band. Videos after the jump.

Via Apple

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