AT&T Is Going To Throttle The Crap Out Of Your Unlimited Data Plan

Senior Contributor

AT&T, apparently learning nothing from losing to a trucker in small claims court, is just going to go ahead and keep you from actually using the data plan you pay for. Mmmm yeah, also, it’s going to need you to go ahead and come in this weekend.

Basically, AT&T’s policy is once you cross 3GB, bite them. What are you going to do? Go to Verizon? Go to Sprint? We don’t care! We don’t have to!

Except they might. AT&T is obviously gambling that Sprint will eventually restrict or otherwise throttle their data plan as well, the problem being that Sprint went all in, in a big way, with data just recently. They’ve signed up with MobiTV to essentially turn your iPhone into your cable box, except cheaper.

So we’re not sure this whole “throttling” thing will end well. Of course, AT&T has never been about realizing they actually have to compete for customers, so this might get funny pretty fast.
(Image via Fashionable Tech Flaws)

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