Nice Try, Samsung

05.31.11 6 years ago

As you may or may not know, Samsung is currently in the process of getting legally punted in the groin for a field goal by Apple, who is suing them for ripping off a bunch of Apple patents. Yes, Apple is patent trolling, but unfortunately for Samsung, it might actually be legit, as a judge just ordered them to fork over production samples of their announced, but not released, smartphones and tablets so Apple can see if they need to include them in the lawsuit that Samsung stole their patents with those, too.

So Samsung had demanded to see the next iPad and iPhones, according to This Is My Next, because that’s only fair. Of course, Samsung had already announced these products, sent out review copies, and had generally done everything but actually put them on shelves already.

They also claim that only the legal team would look at the devices. Suuuure they would. But points to Samsung for having the cojones to try and threaten Apple like this. It’ll fail miserably and Apple will destroy them like the Evil Empire it is, but hey, at least they have big cojones.

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