This Web Developer Gets Paid To Get Drunk And Test Client’s Websites

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A web developer has figured out a way to live the dream, getting drunk and getting paid at the same time.

Richard Littauer is the founder of The User Is Drunk, a website testing service. For $250 per site, he will get intoxicated and run tests on his client’s websites. The reasoning is that if a website can be used by a drunk person, it is truly user-friendly.

As an added bonus, he posts his screencasts online so that people who are interested in web development or developing their own site can pick up some tips:

[O]ne of the things Richard guarantees is that you will get to see footage of him in action and that he will be posting those videos publicly — obviously so we can all learn something about UX from the process.

The demand is so high for Littauer’s services that he has raised his prices from $150 to $250 per website, and people who are concerned about potential alcoholism need not worry. He has another job and has put safeguards in place, as he explains on his website:

I intend to drink responsibly. I have close friends checking in with me regularly to make sure this doesn’t become a problem for me. I’ll do this once or twice a week, and limit the number of clients.

Cheers to Richard Littauer for drunkenly stumbling on a really great job. I raise my glass to you, sir.


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