The Internet Responds Poorly To The News That Twitter Will Be Changing Its Timeline

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02.06.16 6 Comments

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Users on Twitter are calling it the end of the social media platform. No, the Doomsday Clock hasn’t finally ticked to midnight and Barack Obama didn’t suddenly reveal that every bad rumor about him is true. Instead it’s worse. Twitter is changing it’s timeline.

A report from Buzzfeed News notes that the social media giant will be adopting an algorithmic timeline as early as next week, topping the possible end of Twitter’s 140 character limit as the worst thing to ever happen to the Internet — at least according to people who use Twitter:

As BuzzFeed News reported in June, an algorithmic timeline represents a way for Twitter to elevate popular content, and could solve some of Twitter’s signal-to-noise problems. It is also widely assumed to be anathema to the platform’s typically vocal power users.

Yet, Jack Dorsey, who took the reins of Twitter as permanent CEO in October, has expressed a willingness to rethink the platform’s core tenets. “We continue to show a questioning of our fundamentals in order to make the product easier and more accessible to more people,” he said in July. In November, the company killed off the traditional term favorites and replaced it with likes. An algorithmic feed would be, to date, the boldest change so far under Dorsey.

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