Someone’s Boob Made A Run For It At The ‘Wedding Ringer’ Premiere

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01.08.15 4 Comments

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Laura Govan is a former cast member on the VH1 series Basketball Wives LA, along with her sister Gloria Govan. I’m telling you this because I have to assume that if I didn’t know who these people were, at least a significant portion of the UPROXX readership likewise also didn’t know. I mean, they don’t even have their own Wikipedia pages or anything.

Well! They’ve got our attention now, because earlier this week Laura and Gloria Govan attended the red carpet premiere of The Wedding Ringer and at some point Laura Govan’s left boob was like, LATA SUCKAS, I AM OUTTA HERE.

There are nip slips and then there’s a boob basically just whipping out a tiny hobo sack to throw over its shoulder (if boobs had shoulders), which is what is happening here. Like, that boob was out for a really, really long time — as you can see in the unedited photos (which are VERY NSFW) over at Jezebel. I have a feeling Laura Govan is going to be getting that Wikipedia page in no time. Or at least her boob will, anyway.

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