This Guy Got The Most Delicious And Hilarious Last Word On His Cheating Fiancée

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Most people will either cheat or be cheated on during the course of their romantic lives, but that tidbit certainly doesn’t help ease the pain when it happens. Cheating feels like an ultimate betrayal, and all manner of feelings burst forward when one finds out their beloved has dropped their pants with the wrong person. How dare they accept another person’s heart and then stomp upon it with rampant glee? Revenge shall be had, and some methods are better than others.

This guy ended up receiving the most singular satisfaction (by his own hand) when his cheating ex-fiancée tried to reconcile after a separation. He didn’t achieve an in-person, video-recorded revenge, nor did he have the pleasure of engaging in rampant property destruction, but he got this woman back good. First though, she texted him a perpetual stream of pleas to take her back. Rejecting or simply choosing to cut the conversation off after the first 10 texts would have been justice enough, but this woman didn’t stop texting, so he indulged her desire to keep texting.

Now, this lady was pretty devoted to making amends despite the awfulness of what she did to this guy. There’s no real question that she cheated, either. She fully admits she was in the wrong. Yet that doesn’t stop the venom from pouring from her fingers when this guy won’t budge. Here’s the lengthy series of texts and the final payoff at the end.

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