One Direction Fans Are Threatening To Murder A Parodist Who Wrote A Song Called ‘Zayn Did 9/11’

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08.05.13 28 Comments


There are three simple rules to the Internet: 1) It’s Doctor Who, not Dr. Who, 2) Ignore the Westboro Baptist Church (except when gay satanists are involved), and 3) Don’t mess with One Direction. Otherwise, THE YOUTH will find where you live, come to your front door, and probably say some really hurtful things like, “You’re a doo-doo head and I hate you” to you. Stings, don’t it? Rucka Rucka Ali, the self-described “voice of a f*ckin’ generation,” makes desperately offensive music and parody videos for YouTube, with titles like “A Bitch N*gga Christmas” and “Jews and F*ggots,” and one of his more recent titles, “Zayn Did 9/11,” has pissed off the tween-and-under crowd.

Zayn Malik is a member of One Direction, the biggest boy band since the last big boy band, and a sadly easy target for terrorist musical parodies, I guess, because he was born to a British-Pakistani father. And boy does Rucka sock it to him: “He was 8 or 9/He made up his mind/He hates our way of live/Then he did 9/11.”

Yeah. While we dismissively wank in Rucka’s Ali’s general direction, Twitter has gone apocalyptic.

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Ironically, if One Direction fans could get away with crashing a plane into Rucka’s house, they would.

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