The Identity Of Michigan’s Playground Pooper Is The Biggest Mystery Since The Ass Crack Bandit

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04.23.14 2 Comments

Above is an actual billboard in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and #YPSIPOOPER is an actual hashtag created to help local authorities root out the Playground Pooper. For some insane reason, there’s a man on the loose who is taking dumps on area playground slides, and the problem has gotten so out of hand that an advertising company has stepped in to help police with several billboards reading, “”Help us catch the poopetrator,” “Do your civic doody, report the pooper,” and “Help us flush the pooper.”

The Playground Pooper, also known locally as “Public Enemy #2,” has been on the loose for quite some time, and though the billboard apparently gave police a lead, from what I can gather, the Playground Pooper still hasn’t been caught, but I think we all know who he is.

In the meantime, this local news reporter is the Gene Shalit of poop puns.

Source: Faceybros & The Indy Channel

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