WTF: The Father Of That ‘Affluenza’ Kid Has Been Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer

08.20.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


Frederick Anthony Couch, the father of  Ethan Couch — the “Affluenza” kid who avoided jail time earlier this year after killing a bunch of people in a drunk driving spree — was arrested yesterday for impersonating a police officer. Oh, how rich is this. North Richland Hills police officer had shown up to investigate a disturbance which occurred back on July 28th and found Couch already on the scene, who claimed to be a “reserve” officer from the nearby city of Lakeside with a fake badge and everything.

My Fox DFW has the details:

After police finished their investigation of the incident, they spoke again with Fred Couch, who reiterated he was a reserve officer and had his “police stuff” in his car.

“He kept putting his hands in his pocket, and that has a tendency to make officers nervous they don’t know what your intensions are,” said Keith Bauman with the North Richland Hills Police Department.

What Fred Couch didn’t know was that one of the officers had worked at the Lakeside Police Department. But the North Richland Hills officer familiar with the Lakeside PD didn’t recognize the badge, and officers made the investigation into his claims.

The craziest thing here, is what the hell did he have to gain by all this? A self-inflated sense of importance for impersonating a person of authority? Jeeeesus. For the first time since Ethan Couch was acquitted, I actually almost feel a twinge of sympathy for him. Granted, he’s the sociopath son of a sociopath, but how messed up are you gonna be if you’ve been raised by some maniac who goes around pretending to be a police officer to actual cops?

Crap, somebody just fire the whole family into a rocket directly into the sun.

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