10 Fauxgos With So Much Brand Recognition They Should Be For Real Companies

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08.18.11 5 Comments

Fauxgo is a popular new Tumblr dedicated to chronicling logos for fictional companies. It’s just a couple of pages of fake corporations or karate dojos (Kobra Kai for life!) we’ve all seen in film and television. The cool part — for me anyway — is the idea that you can flash a logo like the Duff logo in front of anyone who’s cool enough to have a beer with and they’ll immediately know where it’s from and what it represents. It’s the sort of brand recognition that’s enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.
My theory is that several Fauxgo fictional companies that do real world things (sorry Ghostbusters) possess so much brand recognition that if they became real companies tomorrow they’d sweep the floor with the competition. Like you wouldn’t move your ad biz over to Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce) or buy paper from Dunder Mifflin (Divison of Sabre)?
After delighting in my Mad Men lawnmower accident shop, check out the ten companies I think show go real tomorrow.

The new Bud Light in like a week. Guarantee it.
Crash record, shmash record. You know you’d fly them. Double the mini-bottles!
I will adopt multiple dogs if a Mutt Cutts comes to my area.
Billy Zabka needs to make this happen like yesterday.
They’d totally hire Erin.
What they lack in brand recognition they make up for in business model.
You’d totally work there, you cog.
And pretty much every other Pixar movie ever. Mmm, Pizza Planet…
Only with carpet ride salesmen though.

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