140 Characters of Ego: December Edition

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Today is actually a very special day, as we actually make room for two awful trolls we somehow missed in the last year. But Christmas is the season of giving, and we wouldn’t want to let the year end without kicking a few self-righteous trolls where it hurts.

So, here, have the gift of rage as you view what the entitled brought us for Twitter this month:

@Reply: You have to sleep sometime.

Character Overage: You’re a clubber in Montreal and you look like Jason Schwartzmann in a wig, lady.  In fact. we’re not entirely sure this isn’t Jason Schwartzmann trolling Twitter.

@Reply: Really? Both of them?

Character Overage: As far as we can determine, she is a Gleek and Canadian.  So, it’s awesome she beat the odds and found someone.

@Reply: That’ll teach you to use your phone in the restroom.

Character Overage: Is being referred to on SportsCenter really interesting?  Even for the production team of SportsCenter?

@Reply: Gee, you recognized a world-famous musician. Good for you.

Character Overage: Wait, are they making a snob joke, or an “All Asians look alike” joke?

@Reply: Too bad, you’re a troll, she’s a troll, we might have a love connection goin’ on here.

Character Overage: As you might expect, this guy is a self-involved, self-righteous militant New Yorker.  He also works for the New York Times and his son, who appears to be not yet in grade school, has been issued a Twitter by Daddy.  In other words, he is not just more proof, but perhaps the most perfect example, that owning a television is a good thing to do.

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