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By 10.03.11

I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to think of some form of breaking news that could cause the internet to collectively rejoice like the news of Arrested Development returning for both a 10 episode season and then a movie. I can’t think of anything short of…no seriously, I can’t think of anything. Free iPads, world peace, more Scarlett Johannson nudes, nothing.

AD fans with even the slightest online presence (i.e. everyone) have felt obligated to react with either cleverly ecstatic tweets and/or media that encapsulates their excitement (my go-to Jonah Hill GIF after the jump). As you can imagine, ever since the news broke lost night the reactions have been plentiful. And what better way to capture the euphoria than combining the best of the tweets and reaction GIFs here?

Man, will there be hell to pay if this turns out to be a huge mistake. But let’s remain optimistic. Me when I heard the news…

And now on to everyone else…

And here’s a series of photos of the cast celebrating exactly like you’d hope they would…

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