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By 05.20.13

Beards are basically free marketing for flannel shirts and neck scarfs, so as long as you have a big ol’ bushy one, why not get paid? That’s the logic behind Beardvertising, a concept, Laughing Squid reports, “thought up by Lexington, Kentucky-based advertising agency Cornett-IMS allowing men with fuzzy beards to earn money by placing miniature billboard-like ads in them.” Business Insider adds:

A Kentucky-based ad agency came up with a high-concept platform that will take native advertising to the next level, putting ads in untapped real estate that consumers interact with every day: beards.

“I think it’s the next big thing,” said agency Cornett-IMS’s Whit Hiler. “Everybody loves beards.” (Via)

Except Jim’s wife. She’s sick of being one and wants her “husband” to stop living a lie.

Half joke, half genius, the scheme pays men with facial hair $5 a day to walk around with a mini ad in their beards. And A&W has actually signed up as a business partner.

The next logical step: Merkinting. If Kellogg’s ever SeinfeldVisions old Sasha Grey clips, sales of Frosted Flakes would skyrocket.

(Via Business Insider) (Via Laughing Squid)


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