Man Animates Joke About Tortilla Chips Told By His Drunk Wife

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05.01.13 14 Comments

Since the beginning of time writers, thinkers, philosophers, etc. have tried to quantify love, to put a price tag on it, if you will. To establish a standard for measuring it. Many have come up with hypothetical situations along the line of “would you take a bullet for this person” or “would you run into a burning building to try to save this person,” etc. All of those are horsesh*t, effective now.

Why? Because I’m pretty sure I have discovered the definitive standard measurement for love, and it is this: 1) recording your drunk-on-wine significant other drunkenly tell a corny joke and 2) cleverly animating that joke for all the world to see and hear on the internet. If you are not willing to do these things for someone — just as Adam Patch did — well, you just don’t love them. That is all.

Well done, Mr. Patch.

(Via Tim Ferris)

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