Best Ending To A Geeky Marriage Proposal Ever?

Entertainment Editor
08.15.11 13 Comments

Picture unrelated. No spoilers here.

I thought we had already seen the geekiest marriage proposals, but I was wrong. Now I’ve seen it. I’ve seen everything.

Zach has proposed to his girlfriend in the most geektastic way I’ve seen yet in the video below taken at Comic-Con.  You can’t really hear the proposal well, but that part is unimportant.  I won’t give away the awesome ending.  Just watch.  By the way, can I get work comp. as a blogger if I injure myself squealing and falling out of my chair?   I’m not saying I overreacted that much to the surprise, but, um . . . does anybody know how to reattach an arm?

[Hat tip to TheMarySue.]

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