This Craigslist Ad About A Disgusting Fart Doubles As The Most Romantic Story In Taco Bell History

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The below Craigslist ad, posted to the Columbus, OH “missed connections” board on Friday evening, depicts a classic Taco Bell love story. You know the one: Woman rips ungodly fart. Man catches whiff. Man posts entertaining description to the internet. Man requests a deeper, sexier sniff?


Transcribed for the screenshot-averse crowd:

I don’t know what you ate, it must have been the cheesey gordita supreme, mixed with anal seepage. It smelled like a dead body in a coffin buried 6 feet under. You walked by and I had to step outside in order to breathe. It was ungodly the smell that came from that ass.

If you’re married, I feel sorry for that son of a bitch.

If you’re not married, hit me up for some anal.

I would love to get up in that stanky ass.

Thinking inside the bun(s). A true Taco Bell contrarian.

Craigslist; Image via Mike Haney’s Flickr

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