Firefly Fans Can Download Adam Warrock’s The Browncoats Mixtape For Free

09.27.11 6 years ago

Want a free fifteen track Firefly-themed album by the Internet’s foremost comic book rapper? Well, you’re in luck.

Adam Warrock’s collaboration with Khill of the Thought Criminals is live today and it’s about as much fun as nerdcore can be. Each of the main characters of the series gets a track of their own, Jayne being my stand out favorite, “His momma knitted him a cap to keep his head warm / Cause the nights out on the Fringes are much colder than norm / ya’ll know the name but best whisper it softly in the streets / Let me tell you in case you ever should meet”. Besides reminding you how much you love this show, the tracks sample from music from the series and add beats that will get your adrenaline up.

Check out more on Adam Warrock here or you can download the album here. If you’re interested in hearing a sample track, I’ve embedded Mal’s song after the jump.

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