The Happiest Car, The Angriest Cat, And Links

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Our 20 GIF Tribute To TV’s Most Adorable Redhead, ‘Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan |UPROXX|

Anthony Bourdain Continues To Not Be A Guy Fieri Fan |Warming Glow|

Princess Leia’s coke addiction preserved in Star Wars |Film Drunk|

Miss Bum Bum Brasil Looks Like The Greatest Pageant Of All-Time |With Leather|

Competitive Kobe Bryant Nearly Beats Kid In One On One Game |Smoking Section|

TV GIFs Of The Week (And The Best Of Roger The Alien) |UPROXX|

The Sherminator is a sushi waiter now |Film Drunk|

7 Political Sex Moves |College Humor|

21 WTF Mannequins |HuffPost Comedy|

The 15 Best and Worst TV Reboots |Fark|

8 Of The Worst Boyfriends In Movies |Unreality|

5 Historical Attempts to Ban Coffee |Mental Floss|

The Best Death Scene in Cinematic History |Gorilla Mask|

Here’s Justin Bieber Vomiting on Stage Last Night |Brobible|

The 10 Craziest Makeup Transformations In Movies |Complex|

LEGO Record Player Makes Vinyl Sound Like the Devil’s Music |Technabob|

25 Adult Jokes In Cartoons That You Never Understood As A Kid |Buzzfeed|

Tina Fey Poses As Audrey Hepburn, Destroys The Fantasy That She Might Be In Your League |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Colonel Meow hates Boo the Dog. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! |via DP&F|

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[Pictures via Reddit and Final Ellipsis.]

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