Neil DeGrasse Tyson Calls Out Prometheus For Its Crappy Math

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06.10.12 3 Comments

Have you seen Prometheus yet? I did last night, and I agree with something Film Drunk maven Vince wrote in the comments of his great review: “I don’t know. It was totally full of plot holes and didn’t come together, and I still had an enjoyable experience.” It was a smart-looking and -sounding movie that was actually pretty dumb if you take it apart. WHY DIDN’T THEY RUN TO THE RIGHT??? But I still had a good time, despite myself.

Anyway, something about the film bothered famed Wu-Tang fan Neil deGrasse Tyson, too:

This isn’t quite as good as Neil calling out Titanic for its inaccurate star patterns or “The Daily Show” for having the Earth spinning the wrong way in the opening credits, but I do appreciate the METAPHOR ALERT of calling out a movie for not going as far as it should have. One other thing bugged me, too:


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