Nook Color Gets a Major Overhaul, Still Needs Hacking

12.12.11 6 years ago

As we’ve mentioned before, we feel the stock Nook Color with a little Android rammed up in it is the best tablet you can buy, something we’re standing behind, especially since we use it to buy comics. Our opinion might change once they crack putting Android on the Nook Tablet, but in the meantime, Barnes and Noble is currently upgrading the Nook Color.

To, most importantly, show comics.

The basic thrust of the update is imaging. Lots and lots of imaging, ranging from cookbooks to…oh, who cares? You want to know about the comics. And, the truth is, the comics look good. It’s a vast, vast improvement over the stock Nook, which took forever and was difficult to use to read comics.

Unfortunately, if you really want to use the Nook Color to read single issues, you’ll still have to hack it.

Why? There’s an annoying dichotomy coming into place. Remember when Barnes and Noble threw a fit and yanked a bunch of DC graphic novels off the shelf?

Yeah, it’s pretty much exclusively Marvel right now in the Nook Comics shop. Honestly, it makes more sense to hack the Nook and use the Nook and Kindle apps on Android to download graphic novels than it does to install the software update and try and juggle two tabs, especially if you want single issues into the bargain.

But, hey, at least they’re trying.

[ via Gizmodo ]

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