OnCue – Leftovers

12.01.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Appearance is everything. It’s the reason why so many people will get overly dressed up to go to a club in hopes of their appearance opening doors – both literally and figuratively – it, in most cases, wouldn’t. The same thing somewhat applies to the Internet and gaining momentum. With the millions of tapes and “free albums” released each day, becoming overwhelmed at times with what to listen to is an easy feeling. That’s why taking advantage of every possible moment is important.

OnCue has been around these parts before. Yet when his new tape passed our inbox yesterday, I knew I had to give it a listen based off the animated .gif cover alone. I didn’t know much about the guy, but by then I had all the inspiration I needed to check out the music. If the project was halfway as creative as the artwork, then we’re all in for a treat. Leftovers – an appropriate title post-Thanksgiving – follows up his September release Cuey Sings The Blues and boasts eight brand new tracks along with seven “previously unreleased fan favorites” including production from CJ Luzi, Evo, Chanes, MikeKUZ and even The Alchemist.

So as the title suggests, find two pieces of bread, some mayonnaise, leftover turkey, a brew and dig in.

DownloadOnCue – Leftovers

Credit: DJ Booth

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