Sean Connery To Steve Jobs: ‘I’m F’n James Bond’ (In Unreal Apple News)

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Late last night on Reddit a letter Sean Connery typed and sent to Steve Jobs in December 1998 went popular and created quite a reaction. In the letter (image after the jump) Connery gives Jobs the Alec Trebek treatment in response to Apple’s multiple attempts to use Connery in one of their advertisements. My favorite lines to read aloud doing my best Connery include:

– “I have no interest in ‘changing the world’ as you suggest.”

– “You are a computer salesman — I am f*cking JAMES BOND!”

Seeing as how Connery has been known to put a b*tch in her place (below) as well as make a few unwise career moves later in life, the letter actually doesn’t seem like much of stretch. Except for maybe the 007 watermark.

Unfortunately the letter and accompanying article are the work of Scoopertino, an Onion-esque site headed by two former Apple ad guys who love Apple and want to have some fun with them. It’s unclear whether part of their mission is to build a site so well done and convincing (a la my wedding registry with Blake Lively) that they create fake controversy due to people believing their stories are real, but in this case it worked like a charm, even if it did leave me bummed out after discovering Sean Connery didn’t actually use a typewriter to proclaim that he’s f’n James Bond to one of the most powerful men in the world.

Letter after the jump, followed by video that made me realize I will never cross Sean Connery.

Source: Scoopertino

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