The Best of Wonder Woman Cosplay

07.11.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

Photo by Allison Achauer

Wonder Woman is a tricky costume to put together a cosplay post on because there are a number of more sexed up, store bought versions of this costume than pretty much any other. Plus there are Wonder Woman pajamas and kids costumes, basically a lot more noise to signal than, say, Black Cat.

I will say this, of the 600 or so Wonder Woman cosplay photos I went through I only saw a single cosplayer dressed up in the newer jacket and pants costume and it did not make the cut.

Photo by Kelldar

Photo by Adrian J.K. Shum

Photo by James Mourgos

Photo by James Blair

Photo by Earthdog

Photo by Yaya Cosplay

Photo by Lantern Waste

Photo by Patrick C. Wong

Photo by Greyloch

Photos by Nathan Waddell

Photo by Eric Bauer

Photo by Sebastian Castillo

Photo by Kelldar

Photo by Alisa Kiss

Photo by Giorgia Cosplay

Photo via My Amazon Princess

Photo by Patrick Wong

Photo via Cosplay Island

Photo by Dan Regal

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