The iPod Shuffle – Sizzla’s “Solid As A Rock”

02.20.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

I’m almost positive Chris Brown has reggae legend Sizzla’s “Solid As A Rock” on his “Hating Ass N*ggas and B*tches” playlist. With rumors of a Rihanna and Breezy song quickly turning into fact, the level of displeasure being sent his way is beginning to become reminiscent to what started it all off in the first place: a public relations smackdown reminiscent of the physical one he laid on Rih Rih.

Though it’s been three years since that bloody night, nobody’s forgotten, especially not Billboard Assitant Editor Jason Lipshutz – who penned an open letter to Rihanna voicing his concern about her present dealings with Breezy. She still isn’t giving out any f*cks and tweeted out parts of “Solid As A Rock” as a reply to the letter. You can’t stop the new Bobby & Whitney urban version of Romeo & Juliet.

Sizzla – “Solid As A Rock”

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