‘God Of War: Ragnarök’ Has An Intense New Story Trailer

God of War: Ragnarök is going to be the conclusion of its norse story arc fans are eagerly anticipating what this means for Kratos and his son Atreus. While it’s only going to be a two game story, the upcoming Ragnarök is sure to be full of incredible and emotional moments as the two characters that everyone fell in love with complete this journey together.

On Tuesday, during a State of Play event, PlayStation unveiled a new story trailer for the new game, and let’s just say it’s an intense one. It features all the character growth we saw from the first game in Atreus, but more excitedly we get to see a different side of Kratos. One that is being forced to rely on his son in ways that he is maybe not ready for yet.

Ragnarök being the conclusion of this story is going to create an odd feeling for fans that have known Kratos ever since his PS2 days. It’s not that those early games didn’t have stories, but they were more well known for their gameplay than for their story arcs. Ragnarök and the previous God of War (2018) on the other hand had us watch Kratos go through an emotional journey. They explore the character and gave him depth in a way that none of the other games attempted to. It’s been a rewarding change though and one we are excited to see the ending of come November.