People Keep Dunking On PETA’s ‘Elden Ring’ Tweet That Might Have Taught People Something Important About The Game

Elden Ring is the game that everyone is talking about right now. Plenty of folks have remarked on the game’s extreme difficulty, but generally, fans of the game cannot get over how much fun it is to explore the world. What makes that exploration so fun is how many interesting sites and creatures there are to discover.

Around any corner in Elden Ring could be a new enemy to face, a gigantic dungeon, or maybe one of the many creatures who inhabit the different lands. Some of these creatures are docile, such as these goats that, when you approach them, will curl into a ball and roll away. Some of the others aren’t quite as nice, though. Bears, wolves, and dogs will attack you on sight and the player can usually choose to run away or fight back.

Unsurprisingly, since animals were involved, PETA had thoughts on how players can choose to interact with the animals in Elden Ring. It does not quite fit the spirit of the game, though.

While the tweet was sent out earlier in March, it has recently been getting a lot of attention across Twitter. Most of the tweets are choosing to dunk on PETA, but there was also begrudging respect for the original post, because it managed to teach many players a game mechanic they didn’t know about. Apparently, parrying enemies on horseback leads to an automatic dismount. The more ya know!

A handful of people were also surprised upon seeing the tweet and discovering that it was from PETA and not from a satire account, especially the section about walking the dogs as they chase the player down.

The general consensus though? The tweet is actually kinda funny, and if you didn’t know about the game mechanic, very helpful.