‘Uproxx Recon’ Explores The Many Pathways Into Video Game Culture

Do you ever think of how different gaming looks now than how it did when a lot of us were kids? The graphics have obviously changed and so have the plastic boxes we play these games on, but the way that we buy games and the kinds of games we all have access to has probably changed the most. Gaming, a hobby that’s typically had some huge barriers to overcome, is now more open for exploration than ever and is only trending further in that direction. It’s a hell of a thing to see unfold.

On the latest episode of Uproxx Recon, our hosts Noah Grossman and Noelle Miller explore every corner of that evolution.

That means we’re talking about the absolutely overwhelming amount of games that are available any given day and how broad those kinds of games can be on PC and elsewhere. We’re also digging into the growing free-to-play market, subscription models we can sign up for that allow us to sample more games than we’ve ever had before, and how connected gaming communities are these days compared to how isolated they used to feel thanks to innovations in tech and even spaces like Twitch. Finally, we’ll take some time to shout out how accessibility has blossomed as a movement in gaming that’s only picking up steam. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so go ahead and press play!