Pod Yourself The Wire 109, ‘Game Day,’ With Cullen Crawford

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“A show about the Eastside would be boring because Prop Joe is running it well.” -Cullen Crawford.

On the latest edition of Pod Yourself The Wire, Matt and Vince invite writer, podcaster, and host of the Football Friends Who Are Gambling podcast, Cullen Crawford to be a basketball friend who is not gambling, but rather, discussing The Wire season one episode nine, “Game Day.”

Every day is game day for Avon, Stringer, and Prop Joe, but especially today, because the boys have hoop dreams. The annual East vs. West basketball game has everyone coming together. Prop Joe is there with a fake clipboard and Avon in a very aughts visor. Herc & Carv are in the stands chopping it up with Poot and Bodie, watching a 37-year-old JuCo baller cross up a collection of normal guys from the Eastside. Even Lt. Daniels stops by to try to get his peepers on the head of the Barksdale syndicate. Daniels gets the peek he wants, but is met with a Mutumbo-esque finger wag from Avon. …That reference was for the real sport heads, you’re welcome.

Herc asks a very important question while watching a payphone from a roof, how do the pebbles get up there? Let us know your theories in a five-star review on Apple Podcasts

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-Description by Brent Flyberg